Contemporary Art

How Securitization and Art-Backed Debt Offerings Present New Ways to Invest in the Art Market

CEO of Athena Art Finance, Rebecca Fine, speaks to art market journalist Riah Pryor about the latest developments in the financialization of artSince we last spoke, Sotheby’s announced a securitization backed by its art loan portfolio. How does it work and how is it ‘new’?This is the first securitization of an art loan portfolio, and […]

Sotheby's Pitches a Bond Secured by Art Collections and a Museum Plays the Auction Game

Sotheby’s announces new backed security, but what is so new about it?With New York’s major Modern, Post-war, and Contemporary May sales around the corner, all eyes are on the big-ticket items ready to hit the block, with Jean-Michel Basquiat topping the list at both Sotheby’s and Christie’s. This year, Sotheby’s Financial Services is pinning a little more on […]

The Art of the Art Donation

Appraisal Bureau valued hundreds of artworks for charitable donations last year, facilitated by our partner Museum Exchange. The generosity of our clients has positively impacted and culturally enriched numerous communities. The donated artworks are now part of the permanent collections of museums, hospitals, and universities across the country. Museum Exchange is the first digital platform for art donations. As pioneers […]

Podcast: Making Markets, Interview with Caroline Taylor on Valuing Fine Art & NFTs

ListenMaking Markets, Caroline Taylor: Valuing Fine Art and NFTs Caroline Taylor’s conversation with Eric Golden for his Making Markets Podcast covering Art Markets, Valuations, and how NFT data informs Fine Art data in an unexpected way. Eric digs into Caroline’s background as first a Painter, then Wall Street Art Curator, and finally founding Appraisal Bureau, […]

Art Basel 2023 Selections

On the occasion of the opening of Art Basel 2023 on home turf in Basel. Switzerland, we’ve selected a few highlights from various booths. Founded in 1970, Art Basel is the international art world’s preeminent fair. Over 2,000 top galleries present their most significant artists and artworks to an audience of top collectors, museums and […]

Appraisal Bureau Founder speaks at Goldman Sachs’ Palm Beach Conference, ‘In the Lead’

Appraisal Bureau Founder, Caroline Taylor, spoke alongside Monica Heslington, Head of Family Office Art & Collectibles Advisory, Goldman Sachs, at the firm’s In the Lead conference in Palm Beach, FL, March 8, 2022.The panel Art (and Art NFTs) as an Investment: Separating the Hype from the Reality covered the differences of the traditional and digital art […]