Charitable Donation

Non-cash charitable donations of artworks valued over 5,000 USD require a Qualified Appraisal report for income tax purposes. Donors receive a current Fair Market Value tax deduction. An accompanying 8283 form must be signed and acknowledged by both the qualified Appraiser who issued the report and the receiving institution. The donee is required to acknowledge compliance with the use rule - the use of the donated property aligns with the mission of the 501c3. If the artwork is deaccessioned by the donee within three years of acceptance of the donation an IRS 8282 must be filed.

An Appraisal Report for the purpose of non-cash charitable donation may be issued up to 60 days ahead of the Effective Date of the report, which is recorded as the official date of transfer of property. The ratification date may be either a fully executed Deed of Gift or physical transfer to the donee. The report may also be issued after the date of transfer of property, and up to anytime ahead of the donor’s tax filing deadline.

Notes: The IRS heavily regulates appraisals for purposes of income tax deduction. It is crucial to comply with all standards as reports are often flagged and further reviewed by the IRS Art Advisory Panel.

Tony Cragg, Versus, 2013

Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester,

Donated by David and Karen Brush

Appraisal Bureau is proud to be the valuations partner of Museum Exchange, the first online platform to facilitate art donations between collectors and institutions. As pioneers of a new approach to philanthropy, Museum Exchange offers an invaluable tool in collection management for private collectors and institutions alike.


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