The Art Business Conference London

Appraisal Bureau Founder Caroline Taylor spoke at The Art Business Conference, London on the current status of Web3 infrastructure, the emergence of Web4, and how the UK is embracing novel technologies.Read more here.Web3 infrastructure: following the Law Commission’s report – what is next for the UK Web3 ecosystem or even Web4?  This session will unpack the recent findings […]

Appraisal Bureau partners with LifeLegacy, a philanthropic estate planning platform, to provide Digital Asset valuations

APPRAISAL BUREAU PARTNERS WITH LIFELEGACY, A PHILANTHROPIC ESTATE PLANNING PLATFORM TO PROVIDE DIGITAL ASSET VALUATIONS. NEW YORK, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LifeLegacy, a philanthropic estate planning platform, has announced that it will enable individuals to include cryptocurrency in their legacy plans through the company’s online Last Will and Testament. This marks the first time that digital […]

Neue Zürcher Zeitung – NFT-Boom: So vie list der este Tweet von Jack Dorsey und ein “Bored Ape” wert

NFT Boom: That’s What Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet and a ‘Bored Ape’ are WorthNeue Zürcher Zeitung, April 25, 2022For some non-fungible tokens are the future of art, music and asset ownership, for others they are part of a huge valuation bubble. The first NFT expert comments on the value of the digital certificates of authenticity.Werner […]