Appraisal Bureau is trusted by leading global companies and top private collectors throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Our proprietary technology combines the highest standards of appraisals with cutting-edge digital automation to deliver precise, regulatory-compliant valuation reporting.

Valuation Solutions


Appraisal Bureau Retail Replacement Valuations are accepted by all major insurance carriers. Our appraisal subscriptions adjust valuations to current market conditions allowing for accurate coverage.

Financial Reporting

Appraisal Bureau provides Financial Reporting services for tangible and intangible assets, including tokenized real-world assets.

Tax & Estate Planning 

Appraisals are an essential element in Estate planning. Appraisal Bureau regularly issues reports for Tax & Estate purposes including estate and inheritance tax, gift tax, and estate planning. 

Charitable Donation 

The IRS requires Qualified Appraisals for income tax purposes. Appraisal Bureau is compliant with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS); we are the valuations partner of Museum Exchange.

Who we serve

Financial institutions, insurance underwriters and brokers, attorneys, real estate developers, auditors, family offices, museums and private collectors are some of the clients who rely on Appraisal Bureau. Our tailored programs optimize efficiency and value for both business and individual clients.

Our appraisal products allow clients to protect their assets through accurate and neutral third-party valuations. All reports are compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Our appraisers hold the highest credentials in the industry as members of the Appraisers Association of America. We are additionally trained to serve as Expert Witness in legal matters.

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    Key Insights: Digital Asset Trusted Third Parties

    Digital Asset Trusted Third Parties: Why are they needed, and who can you trust?by Mark Titmarsh With many institutions now relying on custodial technology providers, trusted third parties are an ever-growing presence in the digital asset industry.Custodial technology providers allow institutions to self-custody digital assets by providing wallet technologies, among other services. When institutions are using…


    Would Andy Warhol Make NFTs? Caroline Taylor's interview with the Blockchain Income Report

    Podcast Episode 1: Interview With Caroline Taylor, CEO & Founder of Appraisal Bureau & Isabela Bagi of the BIRSo, let’s just cut right into it: What is Appraisal Bureau and what is your background?Sure! Appraisal Bureau is a data and analytics firm that specializes in valuations, particularly of Fine Art and NFTs. But that is not…


    Appraisal Bureau Founder presents to the Baltimore Estate Planning Council

     The Ultimate Digital Asset Estate Planning Checklist & Digital Asset ValuationAppraisal Bureau’s Founder, Caroline Taylor, spoke to the Baltimore Estate Planning Council on the nuances of Digital Asset valuation. Tiffany N. McKenzie, Partner, Harrison and Held, LLP spoke on the management of Web2 assets, such as social media accounts and internet domain ownership, while Caroline…

    News & Events

    Three Arrows Capital Liquidation: Here's What's Happening to the Digital Art Collection

    In case you missed it, there was a lot of turbulence in the crypto industry in 2022. Amongst the collapses was Three Arrows Capital, a now defunct Singapore-based hedge fund with at one point a reported $18 billion in net asset value. In its glory days 3AC amassed an A+ collection of Digital Art, including…


    Embracing Technical Innovation in the Artworld: The Art Basel and UBS Art Market Report 2023

    The Art Market 2023 is an annual publication presenting research-based findings in the global Art and Antiques market. The report is published by UBS and Art Basel, and prepared by the cultural economist Dr. Clare McAndrew, Founder of the research and consulting firm Arts Economics, which focuses exclusively on the art economy.Appraisal Bureau Founder, Caroline…


    The Art of Donating Art: A Conversation with Michael Darling, Co-Founder, Museum Exchange

    A Conversation with Michael Darling, Co-Founder, Museum ExchangeAs the valuation partner of Museum Exchange, the first digital art platform for art donations, Appraisal Bureau specializes in the appraisals necessary for philanthropic giving and art collection legacy planning. We’ve highlighted key components of best practices, filing for a tax deduction, and sat down with Michael Darling, Co-Founder…


    How is technology reshaping the art market’s approach to assessing value? An interview with Appraisal Bureau’s Appraisal Manager, Eliza Hodgson

    How is technology reshaping the art market’s approach to assessing value?Appraisal Bureau’s new Appraisal Manager of Fine Art, Eliza Hodgson, speaks to art market journalist Riah Pryor, upon the launch of the company’s innovative app.Your background is arguably in the more ’traditional’ aspects of the art world, both in terms of artworks, institutions, and networks.…


    Art Law Day 2022: NFT Ownership: Living with, Planning and Advising

    NFT Ownership: Living with, Planning and Advising. Moderator: Courtney Booth Christensen, Director of Trusts & Estates, Winston Art Group. Panelists: Jeffrey D. Karas, FinTech and Virtual Currency attorney, Brown Rudnick; Amanda A. Rottermund, Senior Associate, Withers Bergman LLP; Caroline Taylor, Founder & CEO, Appraisal Bureau. Art Law Day, New York City. November 11, 2022.

    News & Events

    Of Value: 2022 National Conference, 'NFTs and the Evolving Artworld Ecosystem' moderated by Caroline Taylor

    NFTs and the Evolving Art World Ecosystem. Moderator: Caroline Taylor, Appraisal Bureau. Panelists: Ankur Kacker, Senior Vice President, Head of Digital Assets UK, Marsh Ltd.; Anders Petterson, Founder, ArtTactic; Nyasha Foy, VP, Assistant General Counsel, NFTs, Sotheby’s. Appraiser’s Association of America, Of Value: 2022 National Conference. New York CIty. November 10, 2022. Caroline Taylor moderated…

    News & Events

    Interview: James Croome, Head of Fine Art & Specie, Arch Insurance Company

    What are the actual risks considered for Digital Assets from an insurance perspective?The specific risk considerations will differ depending on the type of insurance a carrier is offering. A Tech E&O underwriter, for example, will have a different set of concerns and considerations to a D&O underwriter.That said, there are some common themes that carriers…