Appraisal Bureau is trusted by leading global companies and top private collectors throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Our proprietary technology combines the highest standards of appraisals with cutting-edge digital automation to deliver precise, regulatory-compliant valuation reporting.

Valuation Solutions


Appraisal Bureau Retail Replacement Valuations are accepted by all major insurance carriers. Our appraisal subscriptions adjust valuations to current market conditions allowing for accurate coverage.

Financial Reporting

Appraisal Bureau provides Financial Reporting services for tangible and intangible assets, including tokenized real-world assets.

Tax & Estate Planning 

Appraisals are an essential element in Estate planning. Appraisal Bureau regularly issues reports for Tax & Estate purposes including estate and inheritance tax, gift tax, and estate planning. 

Charitable Donation 

The IRS requires Qualified Appraisals for income tax purposes. Appraisal Bureau is compliant with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS); we are the valuations partner of Museum Exchange.

Who we serve

Financial institutions, insurance underwriters and brokers, attorneys, real estate developers, auditors, family offices, museums and private collectors are some of the clients who rely on Appraisal Bureau. Our tailored programs optimize efficiency and value for both business and individual clients.

Our appraisal products allow clients to protect their assets through accurate and neutral third-party valuations. All reports are compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Our appraisers hold the highest credentials in the industry as members of the Appraisers Association of America. We are additionally trained to serve as Expert Witness in legal matters.

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    What's happened in the art market since the 2022 crypto crash?

    What’s happened in the art market since the 2022 crypto crash?A panel at The Art Business Conference London offered a broad view on digital advance and its relationship to the Artworld in the post-crash eraBy Riah PryorA panel of leading voices on digital advance led discussion in Westminster earlier this month, as part of the…

    AB Editorial

    Could AI help us better understand the power of art (rather than threaten its existence)?

    AI image generated by Dall-ECould AI help us better understand the power of art (rather than threaten its existence)?by Riah PriorIt is not difficult to find concerns over the advance of AI and the art market has been at the forefront of raising alarm, with professionals vocalising potential copyright issues (indeed, Polish artist Greg Rutkkowski…

    AB Editorial

    On (Some of) the History of Digital Art: Origins, the Cybernetic Spirit, and Changing Viewership

    By Sophie Cianfarani, Appraisal Intern, Appraisal BureauArt historians hold varied views on the origins of digital art. Roboticists might trace its inception to antiquity, viewing early robots as digital art’s forebears. Some locate digital art’s origin in the 19th century with the jacquard loom’s punch card system, an automated system of control that greatly influenced…

    AB Editorial

    AI Enters Art - a Whole New World, or Is It?

    by Caroline TaylorJust when NFTs are starting to settle in and normalize as really just another medium when applied to the context of making art – enter Artificial Intelligence (AI). Is AI the end to art practice as we know it, or has it, on a conceptual level, been here all along?In 2017 I curated…

    AB Editorial

    Summer Book Swap & Exhibition Focus: Seattle

    Appraisal Bureau has recently grown with an incoming team of four data scientists and a new Fine Art intern with a particular Art History degree focus on the History of Digital Art. Each team member is selected for their specific knowledge and skill sets, covering everything from Abstract Expressionism to Artificial Intelligence. Kicking off our…

    AB Editorial

    The Case for Independent Personal Property Appraisers

    by Caroline Taylor, Founder & CEO, Appraisal BureauThe field of independent appraising exists to provide a neutral and unbiased opinion of value. The use cases include insurance, collateral loan, charitable donation (IRS income tax deduction) – the appraisal is the basis for the underlying financial liability or obligation. Qualified Appraisers adhere to the ethics and…

    AB Editorial

    Breaking down Fractionalized Ownership of Art

    Last week was a very eventful one in the art world. Art Basel opened on its home turf in Switzerland, with over 200 galleries presenting works by top international artists (we’ve highlighted a few selections here). Back in the US, and Web3, in a white-glove auction of digital art from the seized 3AC collection, Sotheby’s sold…

    AB Editorial

    Demystifying Art Finance: An interview with Rebecca Fine at Athena Art Finance

    Managing Director of Athena Art Finance, Rebecca Fine, speaks to art market journalist Riah Pryor, about the art financing landscape today.Starting with the basics, can you introduce us to Athena Fine art a little?Of course, so Athena Art Finance, is a dedicated specialty independent art lending business founded in 2015 to focus on loans collateralized…

    AB Editorial

    Art Basel 2023 Selections

    On the occasion of the opening of Art Basel 2023 on home turf in Basel. Switzerland, we’ve selected a few highlights from various booths. Founded in 1970, Art Basel is the international art world’s preeminent fair. Over 2,000 top galleries present their most significant artists and artworks to an audience of top collectors, museums and…

    AB Editorial

    Caroline Taylor speaks at Armory Live, 'Art in the Age of the Metaverse'

    Moderated by Andrew Goldstein, Editor-in-Chief of Artnet News, Caroline Taylor, Founder & CEO of Appraisal Bureau spoke alongside Jeanne Anderson, Co-Founder & CEO of Danvas, and Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile, Founder of RF.C Collection and Co-Founder of Aorist. The panel, in partnership with Talking Galleries, was part of Armory Live and the Armory Show, New York City,…

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