Appraisal Bureau is trusted by leading global companies and top private collectors throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Our proprietary technology combines the highest standards of appraisals with cutting-edge digital automation to deliver precise, regulatory-compliant valuation reporting.

Valuation Solutions


Appraisal Bureau Retail Replacement Valuations are accepted by all major insurance carriers. Our appraisal subscriptions adjust valuations to current market conditions allowing for accurate coverage.

Financial Reporting

Appraisal Bureau provides Financial Reporting services for tangible and intangible assets, including tokenized real-world assets.

Tax & Estate Planning 

Appraisals are an essential element in Estate planning. Appraisal Bureau regularly issues reports for Tax & Estate purposes including estate and inheritance tax, gift tax, and estate planning. 

Charitable Donation 

The IRS requires Qualified Appraisals for income tax purposes. Appraisal Bureau is compliant with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS); we are the valuations partner of Museum Exchange.

Who we serve

Financial institutions, insurance underwriters and brokers, attorneys, real estate developers, auditors, family offices, museums and private collectors are some of the clients who rely on Appraisal Bureau. Our tailored programs optimize efficiency and value for both business and individual clients.

Our appraisal products allow clients to protect their assets through accurate and neutral third-party valuations. All reports are compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Our appraisers hold the highest credentials in the industry as members of the Appraisers Association of America. We are additionally trained to serve as Expert Witness in legal matters.

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    Navigating Value During an Art Market Recalibration

    How do you value art during a cooling of the market?Amid its coverage of the recent sale of over 200 works from the collection of Miami art collector and patron, Rosa de la Cruz [Christie’s, New York, May 14], The Art Newspaper noted the art markets to be ‘in the middle of a recalibration.’ Indeed,…

    Fine Art

    How Securitization and Art-Backed Debt Offerings Present New Ways to Invest in the Art Market

    CEO of Athena Art Finance, Rebecca Fine, speaks to art market journalist Riah Pryor about the latest developments in the financialization of artSince we last spoke, Sotheby’s announced a securitization backed by its art loan portfolio. How does it work and how is it ‘new’?This is the first securitization of an art loan portfolio, and…

    Fine Art

    Sotheby's Pitches a Bond Secured by Art Collections and a Museum Plays the Auction Game

    Sotheby’s announces new backed security, but what is so new about it?With New York’s major Modern, Post-war, and Contemporary May sales around the corner, all eyes are on the big-ticket items ready to hit the block, with Jean-Michel Basquiat topping the list at both Sotheby’s and Christie’s. This year, Sotheby’s Financial Services is pinning a little more on…

    Fine Art

    Fabricating solid relationships: An interview with art lawyer, Yayoi Shionoiri

    Art lawyer, Yayoi Shionoiri, speaks to art market journalist Riah Pryor, about the complex relationship between artists and fabricatorsYou’ve been working with artists for years on many issues, including on the relationship between artists and fabricators. Has this always been an area of interest for you, or is it an issue you feel is of…

    Fine Art

    Online growth, optimism, and the resilience of dealers - The Art Basel and UBS Art Market Report 2024

    Key Takeaways The value of art market sales totaled $65B in 2023, a 4% decline from 2022, however the volume of transactions grew by 4% totaling 39.4MThe US maintained its position as the leading market, with China moving into second ahead of the UKA slower NFT market shows signs of decreased speculation and burgeoning connoisseurship The eighth…

    Digital Assets

    The Art of the Art Donation

    Appraisal Bureau valued hundreds of artworks for charitable donations last year, facilitated by our partner Museum Exchange. The generosity of our clients has positively impacted and culturally enriched numerous communities. The donated artworks are now part of the permanent collections of museums, hospitals, and universities across the country. Museum Exchange is the first digital platform for art donations. As pioneers…

    Fine Art

    Podcast: Making Markets, Interview with Caroline Taylor on Valuing Fine Art & NFTs

    ListenMaking Markets, Caroline Taylor: Valuing Fine Art and NFTs Caroline Taylor’s conversation with Eric Golden for his Making Markets Podcast covering Art Markets, Valuations, and how NFT data informs Fine Art data in an unexpected way. Eric digs into Caroline’s background as first a Painter, then Wall Street Art Curator, and finally founding Appraisal Bureau,…

    Digital Assets

    From Aerospace to Art, Appraisal Bureau's new Chief Technology Officer

    Connecting the dots [with data]: An interview withAppraisal Bureau’s Scott StrongChief Technology Officer at Appraisal Bureau, Scott Strong, speaks to art market journalist Riah Pryor, about strategic use of dataYou’ve worked across a broad range of companies and sectors, from personal finance [with Previsio] to cloud cost analysis [with CloudZero], and now with Appraisal Bureau, which specializes in the valuation…

    Digital Assets

    Case Study: Neutral Valuations in Equitable Distribution

    Appraisal Bureau was recently retained by a major international law firm to value Fine Art jointly owned by a couple seeking division of assets in divorce proceedings. The collection of more than 500 artworks, holding significant material value, was originally appraised by a major auction house. The judge presiding over the case requested the mid range…

    Fine Art

    Articulating intention in provenance research — the role of the collector

    by Angelina Giovani-AghaCo-Founder of Flynn & Giovani Art Provenance Research & Provenance Expert at CAfADownload the Art Provenance Report 2023Provenance research in art is the pursuit of truth in the form of facts, data and historical evidence regarding a work of art’s ownership history. Although it has not been an academic discipline or professional practice…

    Fine Art