Los Angeles Estate Planning Council: Caroline Taylor speaks on NFT Valuation

Crypto-currencies, Blockchain, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) accelerated their adoption during the CoVid-19 Pandemic.  These technological developments are poised to play a larger role in the world and by extension the trust and estate planning space, over the next few years.  Having a basic understanding of the technologies involved, management-related assets, and the overall implications for trust and estate planning will be critical for any professional.  Please join us for an exploration of this cutting-edge topic and how it relates to your practice.

Caroline Taylor (Founder, Appraisal Bureau), Charles Turner (Managing Director, U.K., Malca-Amit), Mark Titmarsh (Head of Digital Assets, Malca-Amit), and Bobby Lee (Founder and CEO, Ballet Crypto).

Los Angeles Estate Planning Council